Turnover (room assignement)

Questions on how to get a thurn at the ENS, or change it. All you need to know about the organisation and the procedure of the thurnages.

In addition to this FAQ, we recommend that you read the annex on the thurnage of our internal rules.

Updated on 8 September 2020

Partial Turnover (TP)

What's a Partial Turnover ?

A Partial Turnover (TP) is a room assignment if some rooms (thurnes) are available and if people ask to get them.

There is generally one at the end of each month. Students who get a thurne at a TP must grab the key at the beginning of the following month.

Who can participate ?

People who can participate at a TP are :

  • Either people having a thurne and willing to change it, whatever their status : élève normalien.ne.s/ENS students/International Selection/Foreign Resident (lodged by DG) or master students/PhD students (lodged directly by Pôle Hébergement);
  • Either students (as define by article 3) not having a thurne and willing to have one.

What is the probability to get a thurne at a Partial Turnover ?

It really depends on the rooms availability. Generally, few rooms are available on Ulm before January-February. It is possible to get a thurne on Jourdan or Montrouge as soon as in September, but it really varies with years.

It then depends on the number of year who were already lodged and the number of jokers you play (see article 15 in thurnage rule). The more joker you play and the less wou were lodged, the more likely you have to have good thurne.

*Are counted as "lodged" anyone who got a thurne for September/October/November, which means people getting a thurne a General Turnover or TP in August, September and October.

Practically, how does a TP happen ?

Partial Turnovers happen at time, date and place described in the announcement email and in the "News" section of the DG website.

People in the room choose words, allowing DG to create key, to randomly sort people, following their section (joker - lodged years).

Then, following their rank, people choose a thurne.

And in Covid-19 period?

Do I have to attend it ?

No, DG can represent you. In this case, you MUST indicate your choices/wish precisely, through degette or alternatively per email.

When can I get the key of my thurne ?

At the beginning of the next month

If you change your room at the TP, you HAVE TO give back the key of your former thurne first, before to get the new ones (otherwise you will pay for 2 rooms as far as you have 2 keys).

It very very easier for everyone to change room the first day of the month, or the 2nd if the 1st is a Sunday, or the 30th 31st if the 1st is a Saturday. It avoids the Pôle Hébergement to make 2 pay sheets for the same person the same month.

I played X jokers at the TG. How do I do at TP?

By default, degette offers you to play 0 joker when you register. If you have played jokers at the TG, you can indicate the same number of jokers when you register for the TP: they are the same, they are valid for the whole current year, and they will not be additionnally counted.

Of course, you can't play fewer jokers in the TP than in the TG, unless you have withdrawn in time from the TG and got them back.

However, if you want to add one or more jokers for a TP to those you played at the TG, it is perfectly possible. If you get a room, they will be deducted and will be valid for the rest of the current school year (excluding next TG).

Updated on 8 September 2020

General Turnover

What's the General Turnover ?

General Turnover (TG) is the room assignement in June for the next year. Can participate any ENS/International Selection students still in scolarity the next year.

Some mails will be sent before the TG to give instructions. You should read them.

How does it work ?

As there are not enough room for everyone, that rooms are not identical, that students do not all want the same ones, the Tunrover system was put into place to enable a fair room assignment.

The general principle is to sort people by category (order of the category are described in article 15 of the Turnage appendix),  randomly  sort them inside each category, and then ask them following their rank which turne they want. It is then necessary to be there at the TG, or to efficiently declare your choice to the DG.

TG process is described in articles 22 and 26 of the same appendix.

What's this about jokers?

To enable students to have a better room in the year when they need it most, there is a system of jokers: each student has a certain number of jokers, to be used during his or her school years.

Following the 2017 reform, it was decided that the ranking would be by decreasing number of jokers and then, among those who played the same number of jokers, by increasing number of years of accommodation. 

If you did not get a turne at the TG, but you are relatively well ranked, you can be recalled during the summer. In practice, this is highly likely if you are in the top 5 to 10 not having obtained a room. Read your emails regularly!

Are there any strategies to play jokers ?

The more jokers you play, the more you move up in the rankings, and the more you increase your chances of getting the room of your dreams; the more you've been housed out of your first year, the less likely you are to be housed again.

Attention, to be housed at the TG, in practice, you must play at least one joker. If you have already been housed one year out of your first year, it is advisable to play at least two of them (unless you are an SI or CROUS scholarship holder, in which case one joker is enough).

Generally speaking, if you don't have a room at the end of the TG, or if you resign to your room before July 15th, 2021, you can have your jokers back.

Updated on 8 September 2020

Frequently asked questions

If I play X jokers, can I get a room anywhere I want ?

The DG does not make predictions, first because we can't make them and second because we don't want to. We can't because estimating the TG's ranking to the nearest person is impossible in advance (we're tall, handsome and strong, but we don't see the future!) and we don't want to because we don't want to assure someone that they will have a room or that they will have the room of their dreams when we're not sure and we won't be able to be sure before the TG.

On the other hand, you can go and see the TG results of previous years to get an idea, they are available on degette.

Caution : since the referendum 2021, the students who are "étudiants" and "normaliens de la sélection internationale (SI)" have 3 jokers : this inflation could have an impact on the TG 21 with regards to the TG before (especially, more jokers may be needed to obtain a room).


Ok, it's not a question, but it's just to make it clear, because a lot of people ask us by email.

Updated on 8 September 2020

Degette and how to fill my situation

Who can login to degette and have an account?

Anyone with a clipper, i.e. the normaliens and the mastériens of a master operated by the ENS, can have access to it and fill in their identity. For all the persons who are housed or who wish to benefit from a service of the DG (locker, parking, etc.), it is good to fill in their identity form, turnable or not. This allows us to contact you in case of problems, such as, at random, in case of a sudden emptying of the boarding schools :-)

Who should fill out their situation?

All persons represented by the DG, i.e. persons as defined in Article 3 of our IR. These are normaliens élèves, normaliens étudiants and normaliens of the international selection. In particular, mastériens and doctoral students do not have to do so, since they are not integrated into the turnage system, so their situations are not provided for in degette.

This formality is independent from the participation in the General Turnage: you have to fill in your situation even if you don't want a turne! But it is very important (and will take you 5 minutes at the most) since it allows our interface, degette, to follow your schooling and therefore to assign you the jokers corresponding to your status and your situation, as well as to make you turnable beyond 3 or 4 years of schooling depending on your breaks. Do not neglect it, it will simplify your life (and ours) if you want to have a turne in some time!

How do I fill out my situation?

Go to https://www.dg.ens.fr/degetteweb/tg/situation and fill in your situation for next year (in CST/cesure or schooling).

  • If you are a first-year student or you have never logged on to degette, please fill in your identity card and your contact details, including your telephone number, so that we can contact you if necessary. Because of the high remaining health risks, we really need to be able to contact you efficiently in case of an emergency.
  • If you don't find your situation in the list, it is because you didn't fill out the form correctly in previous years. This is wrong. Send us an email at dg@ens.fr.

Once you have filled in your situation, you will receive an automatic email from the DG entitled "[degetteweb-tg] Formulaire situation de example" (if your name is randomly Edward XAMPLE) indicating that your situation has been filled in correctly.

I am a student, can I declare my situation as CST?

Yes, because Degette does not make a difference between CST and césure.

How do I determine if I am in CST/césure or not?

You are in CST or césure if, and only if, you have completed an application for CST/césurewith the CoST, your department and the direction of studies.

If you have not completed this form, regardless of your situation, you cannot be placed on CST/césure. If you are taking a gap year in your master's degree, for example, you cannot apply for a CST/césure.

What if I'm on CST/césure after my last year of school, can I have a turne?

No, people who take a CST/césure after their last year of school are not turnable.

If I make a half-CST/césure, how do I fill in degette?

As you wish! Degette does not take into account half-CST/césures. If you do half a CST/césure at one time and another later, you choose the year in which you declare yourself as a CST/césure and the year in which you declare yourself in school.

Be careful! CST or césures after the last year of schooling on degette mean you can't get a turne and can't participate in the TG.

A single half-CST/césure in your schooling does not justify the attribution of a CST/césure joker.

I'm in CST/césure during the 1st semester next year, but I don't know what I'm doing in the 2nd semester. What do I write on degette?

Whatever you want between CST/césure and schooling, depending on how you want to handle your jokers.

Updated on 8 September 2020

TG registrations

Who can register for the TG?

Only persons represented by the DG can register for the TG, i.e. nomaliens élèves, normaliens étudiants and normaliens of the international selection. Thus, outgoing CSTs, masters and doctoral students cannot register for the TG, as well as persons excluded from the boarding school and fraudsters.

When can I register? And how do I register?

Registrations generally open in late May or early June and close 10 days before the TG. Please note the closing date and time: after this deadline, you will not be able to register.

To register, nothing could be simpler: just log on to degette and fill out the registration form. You will receive an automatic email from the DG entitled "[degetteweb-tg] Inscription au turnage général de example02" (if you are Edward's sister and your name is randomly Emily XAMPLE) indicating that you are registered.

Can I be represented by the DG during the TG?

Yes, you just have to indicate it in your registration and fill in your wishes precisely, so that we do not hesitate to choose you a turne.

What is this charter when I register? Can I refuse it?

Every year, a boarding school charter is sent to the interns at the beginning of the school year to specify the rules of the boarding school. This charter is contractual.

The sanitary conditions being particular this year, a new charter explaining the sanitary rules to be respected has been written. These special precautions make it possible to open the boarding school, therefore it is very important to read this charter when you register.

If I want to make a floor list in Montrouge, how do I do it?

As all rooms in Montrouge are equivalent, there is a informal system of "floor lists" to allow a group of friend to gather and ask for a common level. At the TG, the DG ask if "floor lists" are made, and we then try gather everyone on the list at the same place. However this list is only indicative and the TG still happens following the ranking. Students who are not on any list can be invited  to choose a room in a level not previously chosen, but they are aboslutely free to choose any available room when it is up to them to pick one.

Generally everything happens fine and most people who formed a list are together at the end.

Do I have to be on a floor list?

No, you can totally participate in the TG without being on a floor list.

How can I play in pairs?

You can participate in the TG with another normalien by forming a pair. To form a pair, each member of the pair must play at least one joker. The pair is only formed if both can have a room in the TG, i.e. the algorithm looks at the number of rooms and the ranking of the two people and only forms the pair if both are ranked higher than the number of rooms available. For example, if there are 300 turnes available, the two have to be individually in the top 300 of the ranking.

The pairs do not take into account the years they are in and mutualize the jokers. They are therefore ranked at the top of the joker categories. For example, a pair 3J.P will be classified before the category 3J.0AL.

How can I play in trios?

The way trios work is the same as pairs and it doesn't change. Note that unlike pairs, trios are inseparable for a period of one year.

Do I have to be in a pair or a trio to get an apartment or a 2 or 3 person unit?


  • For the studios in the Annex, you can take it alone, and you will pay a 750€ rent.
  • The apartments in Montrouge work differently: they are divided into two or three in the software of the pôle hébergement and their total rent is de facto divided between the occupants. You can take a room in an apartment without being part of a trio or a pair: you will then pay your share of the rent only.

WARNING! Trios are inseparable for a period of one year, whether you played in a trio or not at the TG! The lease of the apartment contains the three names of the trio, therefore the trio cannot be broken before August 31st.

Updated on 8 September 2020

Turnage et situations personnelles

What if I have specific health issues ? Who handles this ?

4 PMR rooms are available on the Ulm campus. Following the medical issues, if no specific need is requested but only a proximity to the place of study, the Pôle Hébergement and the DG can have you a "normal" room on the designated campus.

You must contact the School's Pôle Santé (info here), which can attest to the need for accommodation in a PMR thurne or close to your place of study, on a specific campus. Do not send us your medical certificate! This is none of our business, an email from the Pôle Santé is more than enough for us.

NB : if you're a first-year coming at ENS, be careful in August of the Pôle Santé holydays, the Pôle Hébergement and the DG can answer quicker.

I'm preparing the agrégation this year, can I get a room on Ulm?

Not without playing two or even three jokers! The DG does not classify students according to the studies they do, and does not favour students who prepare the agrégation compared to those who are in master or do a CST with a humanitarian association. If you think that your year of preparation for the agrégation is the most important, it's up to you to keep your jokers (and your number of years housed!) for that year. (And not to choose a turne above the K-Fêt. Yes, you can hear the bass during the parties).

I am a student of the International Selection or a CROUS scholarship holder, can I play several jokers?

The guarantee of being housed only works if you play at least one joker per year. If you want to play several jokers one year, it is therefore possible that you will not be housed in in another year because you will not have any jokers that year. We will therefore ask you to fill in a form declaring that you are aware of this situation.

I am not a CROUS scholarship holder but in a difficult situation, can you help me?

If you are under 35 years old

You can opt for financial aid from the CROUS even if you are not a grant holder, as long as your situation justifies it. For more information, contact a social worker (from the CROUS or not, who will be able to redirect you) to build up the relevant application.

You can expressly request that your status as a non-grant holder be re-evaluated to that of a grant holder in order to obtain a certificate of rights, which will provide you with the housing guarantee.

If you are at least 35 years old

It's almost the same!

You benefit from aid similar to the previous ones but under a different name with different conditions which you will find at this link.

In all cases

If your situation is critical, do not hesitate to contact the DEVE (Direction Etudes et Vie Étudiante) by email at deve@ens.psl.eu, who will also be able to inform you about the additional aid you may be eligible for and who can offer personalised solutions.

I live with my boyfriend/girlfriend, can I get a bigger room?

If your boyfriend/girlfriend isn't normalien or has no more jokers, it's a no. 

If your partner still has jokers, you can play together at the TG, if and only if you both have played at least one joker and are enough well ranked (i.e. if you would be housed individually) you will move up in the rankings and potentially get a bigger turne.

You can decide at any time to take back your freedom and your jokers. You will then go back to the TP who will decide if one of you can keep the turne. If one of the two people goes on a training course and becomes a student, you will have to go through a practical training course again. 

Of course, you can of course decide to share jokers to share a room with a friend (it is not the DG's role to check that you share the same toothbrush). However, you MUST actually live together in the room, i.e. use it as your main residence. Otherwise, you will not only both lose your turne but also all your remaining jokers, and you will be classified in the "Fraudster" category of turnages (i.e. everything last).

Updated on 8 September 2020

Available accomodation

Tables of accommodations, prices and their specificities

The detailed list of accomodations that will be open at the TG21 is not yet available ; however, there will probably be flat in Montrouge avalaible, you can find their prices ici (in French).

Will the apartments and exturnes be assigned to the TG? And how?

The exturnes for which conditions apply, those of the Tombe-Issoire residence, are allocated outside the TG, between the publication of the ranking and the TG, according to the wishes expressed by the eligible persons.

The apartments will be put at the TG normally.

Where can I consult the room plans to choose mine?


Do you have a new agreement with the CROUS of Paris for Tombe-Issoire? And who can claim it?

In 2020, yes, 5 rooms will be available at Tombe-Issoire for the whole year and open to the TG. They will be reserved for SI students.

5 rooms will also be available in Daviel residence (13è arrondissement), under the same criteria.

How many people are there per promotion and how many turnes are available?

Updated on 8 September 2020

Déroulement du TG 2020 à distance : modalités exceptionnelles

Will the TG 2021 run like the TG 2020?

We don't know! We leave this section of the FAQ online for information, in case we need to redo a remote TG.

How is it going to be this year, since we can't be there on TG night?

We're going to set up a videoconference on GoToMeeting that everyone will be able to join via a link on the evening of the TG, as well as a Youtube live to follow the room allocation and the progress of the ranking, like the one broadcast the previous years.

What if I don't have a sufficient connection for video?

You can be represented by the person of your choice or by the DG. In this case, please fill in your wishes very precisely.

But if we can't be there, how are we going to choose our rooms?

That's what GoToMeeting is for! If you're highly motivated, you can decide to stay connected all over the TG. If you're less motivated or just reasonably motivated, you can join the TG a few people before you and give us your choice.

You can be represented by the person of your choice or by the DG. In this case, please be very specific about what you want.

What about floor lists?

As every year, we will ask that 1 or 2 people per list be present to represent their floor list. It is absolutely necessary that we can reach these people in case of debate or negotiation.

Updated on 8 September 2020


Informations about the campus

The campus is located at 60-70 rue Camille Desmoulins in Cachan. A CROUS restaurant is available on campus.


  • About 10 min walk from the RER B (800 m approximately)
  • RER B, stop Gare de Bagneux : 35-45 min to Ulm, 25-30min to Jourdan
  • N21, stop Division Leclerc Camille Desmoulins : 36 min from Ulm (+ waiting time)
  • Bicycle: 30-35 min to Ulm, 20-25 min to Jourdan

Informations about the room

We have 35 accommodations: 10 single rooms with personal shower and toilet but shared kitchen, 10 T2 apartments in shared flats with personal shower and toilet and kitchenette shared by two and 5 T1 apartments.

The contract runs from September 1st to August 31th, so it is impossible to move out during the year. In addition, 1 month's notice is required to leave the accommodation at the end of the year.

The ENS pays for all the rooms even if they are empty: not respecting the commitment to occupy all year round can call into question the agreement.

Finally, these exturnes are managed by the Pôle Hébergement once the TG has passed (thus not the DG): it is to them that you will have to address any question. The DG will of course be able to pass on any questions, but it will not be the CROUS' interlocutor.

How much do these rooms cost?

  • T1 : 406-428€
  • T2 in shared flat: 364-378€ per person (individual shower and sanitary facilities, shared kitchenette)
  • Room with collective kitchen: 263€ (shower and individual sanitary facilities)

How are the rooms in Cachan?

They are generally of a higher standard than those of the ENS. They have personnal shower and toilets and kitchens shared by several people (for the rooms) or by two (for the T2) or personal kitchens (for the T1). In all cases, the kitchens are shared by far fewer than 70 people.

Afterwards, we went there for a short tour. Yes, we can call it industrial espionage. From what we saw, they are really of a higher standard. The rooms are larger than those of the ENS, have several storage spaces, a bed and a desk.

Moreover, the accommodation will probably not close in case of lock down since they have few common spaces. Finally, they do not close in the summer, contrary to the rooms of the ENS, since the convention goes until August 31th.

But Cachan is far away!

Well, according to the RATP itself, for a 9:30 am arrival in Ulm, it takes 33 minutes from Cachan by the RER B. In comparison, it takes 28 min from Jourdan by RER B, and 30 min from Montrouge by taking Metro 4 and RER B. So it's not that far.

But Cachan, it's ugly!

Because the towers of Montrouge, it is a delicate and refined architecture, perhaps?

Will the chambers in Cachan be administered like the other turnes?

Not exactly, they will be administrated like the exturnes of the CROUS de Paris, except for their attribution. See the question "Different types of turnes" for more details.

We really can't go out for the year?

No, except for 5 T2 apartments, where it will be possible to stay the first semester but not the second. A change can take place on February 28th and another person can occupy the room only from March 1st to August 31st.

Can we take a look at Cachan's plans to get an idea of the rooms?

We didn't succeed in getting those plans...

Can we play as a pair on the T2s?

Not as a pair, since a pair must occupy the same accommodation. However, the T2s are two really separate bedrooms, but they share the kitchen. On the other hand, floor lists (of two) will be open for the T2s in Cachan on the floor lists if you want to choose your roommate.

Updated on 8 September 2020

First-year students' turnage

What's the famous quantification we hear about?

In 2016, when the normaliens étudiants were intagrated to the turnage, the problem of housing for the first-year students in Ulm arose. A year of normaliens is about 330 people and there is about 260 rooms in Ulm for the first-year students. So there is a risk that not all the first-year students can be accommodated in Ulm if too many of them ask for a turne.

The system adopted and used since then consists in providing a few floors of Montrouge or Jourdan, called "quantum floors", and to move about thirty first-year students drawn at random as a group to these floors, if the first-year students are too many to ask for a room to be all accommodated in Ulm.

This technique avoids the poor supernumerary first-year student from being alone in Montrouge or Jourdan since we move the first-year students in a group. The "quantum floors" are partially open to the TG, and if there is quantification, their occupants are moved to Ulm, in turnes chosen by the DG (preferably the most awful ones to maintain equity with the others).

Quantification happened only once, in 2018.

Updated on 8 September 2020

Other questions

That has nothing to do with it, but can you give us an update on the Ernests?

Oh they're fine! They've been super happy since the fountain was cleaned !

And if not, are you still okay?

Yes, we are fine!

You still want postcards?

Oh yes! We'll always be happy to receive your nice cards :-)