Updated on 16 November 2021


Online forms : Degette

Some forms are online on degette, for the following procedures :

  • Participation to Partial Turnovers and the General Turnover.
  • "Externalization", or how to leave the room.
  • 2nd person housing, if you need to get a second key for another person housed with you. Once the from is treated by us, you will receive an email and you will be able to get back the form with our signature. You can then ask for a second key and a second ENS card (do not forget a picture for this)
  • Permanent Car park access, at 46 rue d'Ulm. After filling it online, a PDF will be sent to you per email. To get the acces granted, you should print the email, and get back to us signed with your insurance justificative. We will then send an automatic email for you to get the access. Please note that this procedure is for permanent access, to have a temporary access (2 weeks maximum), simply ask us  a card, see Pratical informations page about this.
  • Request for a locker in the Aron room, to store a few things during the day at Ulm, not to be confused with the mail boxes in the BC corridor which are allocated to everyone.

Paper forms

  • A form for International selection students and CROUS students (scholars) to play more than 1 joker per thurnage.
  • A form to get the other acces of the ENS. If you need to get special access granted in ENS (46 rue d'Ulm, 24 rue Lhomod, rue Rataud, etc.), you need to fill out this form, also available on the intranet, but the DG is not in charge of this (see the card office).