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12 June 2019 |

Jourdan new restaurant

Following Jourdan decision commitee of June 11th, a brief report on decisions discussed for the new restaurant on this campus, which should open for September 2020, in partnership with the CROUS.

20 May 2019 | Thurnages

"Thurnage Partiel " (Tuesday 28th May)

It will take place at 8.30pm in room R. You can suscribe on degetteweb

  • Rooms available :

    • Ulm : AB226, BF207, BF214, BF239, BF244, BF308, BF323, CD215, CD219, IR211, IR213, IR217, IR227, IR413, IR415, UA107, UA207, UA209, UA214, UA244, UA306, UA308, UA309, UA313, UA340, UA344, UA406, UA413, UA416, UA507, UA512, UA514, UA518
    • Jourdan : JH1002, JH1105, JH1106, JH1108, JH1125, JH1134, JH1211, JH1212, JH1231, JH1234, JH1242
    • Montrouge : MA1714, MB313, MB318, MB414, MB416, MB515, MB516, MB518, MB611, MB615, MB617, MB618, MB707, MC315, MC415, MC707
14 May 2019 |


It is now time for you to fill in your situation on our website : https://www.dg.ens.fr/degetteweb/tg/situation. This is mandatory, even if you don't intend to get a room for next year or any year !
After that, you will be able to register for the Room Turnover (Thurnage Général or TG) : https://www.dg.ens.fr/degetteweb/tg/inscription by filling the number of jokers you want to use.
But what are the jokers ??

At the end of your first year, you automatically receive a numver of jokers equal to the number of years you have left in the school. The number of joker you choose to use determines your ranking for the TG (with the number of years you have already been living in the school: the less year, the higher in the ranking. We remind you that the first year doesn't count, no matter if you had a room or not). On the evening of the TG, we call each student one after the other, and you can choose tour room among the remaining ones. The room you choose will be avaiable at the beginning of September.

A little reminder : if you take a year off (CST) next year and spend it in Paris, let us know ! You can get an extra joker at this TG or any following Partial Turnover (TP) for that ! You can ask us at any time during your CST yo get it =)
If you don't get any room at the TG, or if you renounce to it before the TP of August, you can get your joker(s) back. Otherwise, they are played for the chole year (and are counted for any TP of the year). If you are grant-holder or from the International Selection, you can only play one joker a year, unless you sign a form (available here : https://www.dg.ens.fr/en/formulaires/)


Everything must be done before we close the registration on **Saturday, 25th May at 11.59 pm**!

Following what the General Assembly decided, the "quantic" floor for this year will be C1 and C2 in Montrouge. An email reminding the functioing of the "floor lists" for Montrouge and of the "quantic floors" will soon follow.

After the closure of the registration, the exact list of available rooms will be published (as soon as we can). You will still be able to change you wishes, but not the numer of jokers you used.

The TG will take place on Wednesday, 5th June at 8.30 pm in the Dussane room. If you can't be there, you can be respresented by someone else or the DG by **choosing the right option during your registration**. In that case,we thank you for listing you wishes as precisely as you can.

Don't hesitate to ask any question by or by coming paying us a visit (BC corridor, next to the letter compartments)

12 April 2019 |

Referenda on number of joker for ENS students and first year students not housed in Ulm

Following DG General Assembly last 3rd of April, two very important modifications on the DG housing rules will be voted by all student.

The vote will be open from today, Friday April 12, 12am, until Tuesday April 16th 10pm (Paris time). The method chosen for this vote is the Condorcet-Schulze Method, explained in the links.


Due to short notice of time, websites enabling to vote are not available in English but only in French, and the DG apologizes for this inconvenience.

Good vote !

11 April 2019 | Thurnages

"Thurnage Partiel " (Thursday, 18th April)

It will take place at 8.30pm in room U/V. You can suscribe on degetteweb

Rooms available :

  • Ulm : AB209, BF224, BF329, CG209, CG316, IR203, IR205, IR211, IR227, IR235, IR309, IR413, UA244, UA306, UA344, UA444
  • Jourdan : JH1013, JH1019, JH1029, JH1101, JH1105, JH1108, JH1137, JH1211, JH1212, JH1232, JH1240, JH1242
  • Montrouge : MA1514, MA1714, MB313, MB414, MB416, MB516, MB518, MB611, MB615, MB617, MB618, MC610, MC612, MC616, MC618, MC707
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