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19 January 2021 | Thurnages


Les résultats du dernier TP sont en ligne sur degetteweb.

14 December 2020 |

Report of the "Conseil Scientifique" meeting

Here is the (non official) report of the "Conseil Scientifique" meeting of November, 30, 2020.

Here are the main points discussed during the meeting :

  • ENS planned budget for the 2021 year
  • Opening of 6 teacher-researcher positions
  • Report on ENS entrance contest 2020 (+ statistics)
  • Work on the "Social Diversity" plan, how is it related to the LPR and discussion with the ministry
  • Quotas on "CDSN" (PhD contracts reserved to ENS students)
  • LPR discussion requested by the elected members of the "Conseil Scientifique"

This is not an official report of the "Conseil Scientifique".

A big thanks to Lucas Gierczak, elected student of the "Conseil scientifique", to have produced this report.

8 December 2020 | Thurnages


2 December 2020 |

Room allocation, Cachan, 2nd Semester, Tuesday December 8th

Dear everyone,

The new DG is delighted to invite you to the first exclusive event of its term. We will be allocating new rooms on Tuesday December 8th at 7 PM. Due to the health circumstances (of which you are all very aware), only rooms located in Cachan will be proposed during this allocation. Those will be available for moving in on March 1st 2021: the allocation takes place very early, due to the coordination between us and the CROUS. All the rooms are included in a two-room flat, and the rent for each room goes from 363€ to 376€ a month.
We can only urge you to rush upon them, considering their spacious and practical design (they are provided with showers and toilets, and even kitchens for some of them!). On top of it, you will have the privilege of having a room during all summer 2021, thanks to the contract, which provides for an occupation lasting until August 31st 2021, whereas ENS rooms will be closed during Summer.  Be careful: unlike ENS rooms, you cannot move out until August 31st 2021. Taking a room means that you are signing for six months.
Keep in mind the following pieces of information:

‘till next week!

The DG, happy to start its term.

27 November 2020 |

DG Elections results

The election is closed ! Among 558 votes, we have : 

* Jan Borrego Stepniewski 349 votes

* Federica Dugnani 162 votes

* Sayah El Hajji 167 votes

* Aurélien Fermo 63 votes

* Clémence Gardette 360 votes

* Raphaël Glaser 141 votes

* Ryan Lahfa 347 votes

* Julien Malka 340 votes 

* Juliette Piketty-Moine 172 votes

* Elma Steinmann-Déjardin 150 votes

You can check the results here : https://vote.cof.ens.fr/helios/elections/57323606-2a6e-11eb-825e-525400fc6af4/view

Therefore, are **DG from now on and for the year 2020**: 

* Jan Borrego Stepniewski, tall, strong and beautiful 

* Clémence Gardette, tall, strong and beautiful 

* Ryan Lahfa, tall, strong and beautiful 

* Julien Malka, tall, strong and beautiful 

Thanks to everyone !