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16 December 2019 |

The DG 2020 in power !

The election is closed ! Among 105 votes, we have :
* Louise Guérot : 97 votes
* Tom Hubrecht : 89 votes
* Sarah Krauss : 93 votes
* Antonin Reitz : 97 votes

You can check the results here : https://vote.cof.ens.fr/helios/elections/46d66352-1a6d-11ea-8302-525400fc6af4/view

Therefore, are **DG from now on and for the year 2020**:
* Louise Guérot, tall, strong and beautiful
* Tom Hubrecht, tall, strong and beautiful
* Sarah Krauss, tall, strong and beautiful
* Antonin Reitz, tall, strong and beautiful

Thank to everyone !
Alexandre, Clémence, Juliette & Bryan - your DG 2019
11 December 2019 |

Scientific commitee report from December 2nd

After meeting of the scientific commitee, the DG put to disposal notes of Lucas Gierczak, accompagned with concours statistics discuted, for consutation by everyone (in French only):

Thanks to Pauline Galy, the doctoral student representative at the governing body, we also share her notes from the last meeting that took place on December 10th, 2019 for consultation by everyone (in French only):

11 December 2019 |

Election 2020

As announced some time ago, our term as DG comes to an end, and the elections of the 2020 DG will take place from Tuesday 10/12 midday to Saturday 14/12 at noon. You can vote online at the following address :


The four candidates, as well as their mission statements, are :

 - Louise Guérot ( https://www.dg.ens.fr/documents/53/Profession_de_foi_-_Louise_Guerot.pdf )
 - Tom Hubrecht ( https://www.dg.ens.fr/documents/54/Profession_de_foi_hubrecht.pdf )
 - Sarah Krauss ( https://www.dg.ens.fr/documents/55/profession-de-foi_krauss.pdf )
 - Antonin Reitz ( https://www.dg.ens.fr/documents/56/profession_foi_areitz.pdf )
The voting process is as follows :

1. Click on "Vote in this election", then on "Start"
2. Select zero or more candidates that you want to vote for in this election
3. Click on "proceed", then "submit this vote"
4. In order to cast your ballot you'll have to log in with your CAS identifiers ; use the login button and *not* the username and password fields on the page.
5. **Don't forget to click on "cast this ballot"** ; if you don't click it, your vote will not be registered.

Only the students that haven't finished their studies at the ENS can vote ; this includes CSTs, except for "CST sortantes" after your last year at the ENS.

The election security and anonymity is guaranteed by the Helios software :
https://heliosvoting.org/ .

Thank you for your participation,

The DG 2019

9 December 2019 | Thurnages



Il aura lieu le mercredi 18 décembre 2019. Vous pouvez vous inscrire sur degetteweb

Chambres en jeu :

  • Ulm : (à venir)
  • Jourdan : (à venir)
  • Montrouge : (à venir)

6 December 2019 |

Unexpected closure of a part of the A7 floor

The Délégation Générale laerned tonight that the contract between the ENS and the Université Paris-IV regarding the 7th floor of the A tower in Montrouge will not be reconducted as it was expected. Indeed, the ENS is loosing its hand over 8 roomes (3 occupied rooms and 5 closed because of flood). In the current context of lack of available rooms - as you might have noticed et the november TB - the situation is not acceptable.
The 3 people living there would have to move out (to another tower in Montrouge) before the 21st december. In winter, during exams for some and holidays for others !

The Délégation Générale shares with you its total disbelief in front of the unexpected situation.