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12 April 2019 |

Referenda on number of joker for ENS students and first year students not housed in Ulm

Following DG General Assembly last 3rd of April, two very important modifications on the DG housing rules will be voted by all student.

The vote will be open from today, Friday April 12, 12am, until Tuesday April 16th 10pm (Paris time). The method chosen for this vote is the Condorcet-Schulze Method, explained in the links.


Due to short notice of time, websites enabling to vote are not available in English but only in French, and the DG apologizes for this inconvenience.

Good vote !

11 April 2019 | Thurnages

"Thurnage Partiel " (Thursday, 18th April)

It will take place at 8.30pm in room U/V. You can suscribe on degetteweb

Rooms available :

  • Ulm : AB209, BF224, BF329, CG209, CG316, IR203, IR205, IR211, IR227, IR235, IR309, IR413, UA244, UA306, UA344, UA444
  • Jourdan : JH1013, JH1019, JH1029, JH1101, JH1105, JH1108, JH1137, JH1211, JH1212, JH1232, JH1240, JH1242
  • Montrouge : MA1514, MA1714, MB313, MB414, MB416, MB516, MB518, MB611, MB615, MB617, MB618, MC610, MC612, MC616, MC618, MC707
  • 4 April 2019 |

    Administration council report of march 2019

    Last 14th March took place the ENS Administration council (CA), to which assisted freshly elected students representatives. To allow a better visibility of the decisions taken in this assembly, the DG publicly release there notes here :

    CA mars 2019 PaulineGaly

    The main point for the DG are budget augmentation concerning planned works (Saumon corridor, Hypno 2 and Montrouge buildings)

    Also interesting an overview on PSL, in a meeting with Marc Mézard :

    Mézard PSL Pauline Galy

    Many thanks to Pauline Galy ( CA representative of the PhD students) for sharing her notes ! :)

    18 March 2019 |

    General assembly : revision of the internal rules

    Hello everyone,


    The DG is sorry to tell you that one of its members, Jules Saget, will resign and leave the delegation. According to our rules, a new delegate will be elected during this assembly. If you want to apply, please contact us soon, if possible before the assembly.

    As required by this change and your remarks, here is the new program:
        - Summary of the adiministration commitments after the "Yellow corridor case"    
        - Vote : typography, numbers and future translation       
        - General review of our proposed rules and vote of those on which everyone agree   
        - Election    
        - Break    
        - Debate and vote of the polemic points     
        - Debate and vote on the referendum choices ("étudiants" jokers and first year not living in Ulm)

    You can download our proposition of new rules here : http://partage.eleves.ens.fr//files/8e7b45c7fe42d31d3a20f0f94b79aa0e/AGDG.pdf (not yet available in english)

    You can find a brief overview here : http://partage.eleves.ens.fr//files/86b97f6811b7ea6ad3ef8fc81b8be904/RI_modif.pdf

    The planned propositions for the referendum are as following:

    1. About the number of jokers :    
        A. No changes   
        B. The students entered by the "concours normalien étudiant" starting from promotion 2019 will get 3 jokers    
        C. The students entered by the "concours normalien étudiant" starting from promotion 2018 will get 3 jokers     
        D. The students entered by the "concours normalien étudiant" will get 3 jokers: every student entered by this way gets immediatly an additional joker, except if they already got an additionnal one by another procedure

    2. Creation of an article about the first year students not lodged in Ulm :     
        A. No new article on this subject    
        B. During a TP, if there are as many or more first year not lodged in Ulm than rooms available in Ulm (except the "carré", all first years are prioritary to choose their rooms in Ulm (except in the "carré")    
        C. The first year not lodged in Ulm are considered to have 0 joker and -1 housed year.   These propositions will of course be discussed during the assembly.
    12 March 2019 | Thurnages