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18 March 2019 |

General assembly : revision of the internal rules

On Wednesday April 3rd will take place in Rataud conference room a general assembly of the Delegation Generale, which purpose are important revisions of its rules for the DG and the lodging system.

Without spoiling you the pleasure of meeting until the end of the night, here is the agenda of the main modifications :

  • An extensive cleaning of the rules, to eradicate double articles, mistakes, strange adds and absurd numerotations.
  • An adjustment on the access to the trunk room, notably left or squatted trunks.
  • Precision on the confidentiality duty of the DG.
  • Clarification on the role of the DG towards the administration.
  • Ranking of the Conscrits (1st year) in partial turnovers.
  • Clarification on the General Turnover.

Will be also discussed to be voted afterwards by all the students (students as described in our article 4 : normaliens, International Selection and DENS students included, "master students" excluded) :

  • Compensation for conscrits not lodged on the Ulm campus in their first year.
  • Number of jokers for DENS students.
An agenda modification can be sent until 24 hours before the general assembly.

DGs will generously offer chocolate croissants for people staying until the end !

12 March 2019 | Thurnages


26 February 2019 |


Hello everyone !

It is with great joyce that we announce they are many available rooms in Joudan and Montrouge ! If you study on a master at the school, or for a thesis, or if you do an internship here, don't hesitate to ask for a room through your department. :)
If you know anyone concerned by this message, share it to him or her !

13 February 2019 | Thurnages

"Thurnage Partiel " (Thursday, 21st February)

It will take place at 18.30 in room U/V. You can suscribe on degetteweb

Rooms available :

  • Ulm : AB205, AB215, AB224, AB228, AB234, AB240, BF247, BF331, CG218, IR213, IR215, IR217, IR221, IR225, IR313, IR317, IR335, IR337, IR339, IR405, IR417, UA142, UA306, UA338, UA413
  • Jourdan : JH1029, JH1129, JH1130, JH1131
  • Montrouge : MB416, MB507, MB514, MB516, MB612, MB618, MC317, MC505, MC507, MC509, MC510, MC514, MC515, MC517, MC606, MC608, MC612, MC616, MC618
12 February 2019 |

Free things from the trunk room

It is today at 5 p.m. !
Don't miss it, there are a lots of things to get !

Clothes, fridges, school stuff, printer, books, and yet many other things !!