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19 February 2021 | Thurnages


8 February 2021 | Announcements

Reports of the Study committe of 8 December 2020

Two reports of the Study committee of 8 December 2020 are available at

Here are the main points discussed during the session:

  • Remote learning
  • Financial and psychological difficulties encountered by students
  • Organization of the second half of the year
  • Student mobility in the second semester
  • Adaptation of DENS requirements in response to the health context
  • Campaign for the award of specific doctoral contracts for normaliens and the modification of the modalities for awarding them
  • Student mobility within PSL
  • Domiciliation of associations: Aparté, JurisprudENS, Cognivence
  • Representation of non-normalien master students in the Study committee
  • Item postponed: "Normalien étudiant" contest

Many thanks to Lucas Gierczak, elected student to the Scientific Council of the ENS, for making his notes available.

8 February 2021 |

Poll on rooms attribution

The Délégation Générale is delighted to announce a poll in order to better understand your wishes and desires for the repartition of rooms (thurnage), in order to shape the reform of the thurnage and the work of the workgroup. 

Your answers will be read carefully, no matter if you are in your first year in the ENS and have never heard the word thurnage before, or if you were at every thurnage for the last ten years. Thanks a lot in advance for the time your take to answer the poll (every question is translated in English) : https://framaforms.org/sondage-reforme-du-thurnage-1612108841

We also want to express our thanks to the workgroup for all their work on this poll. 

19 January 2021 | Thurnages


Les résultats du dernier TP sont en ligne sur degetteweb.

14 December 2020 |

Report of the "Conseil Scientifique" meeting

Here is the (non official) report of the "Conseil Scientifique" meeting of November, 30, 2020.

Here are the main points discussed during the meeting :

  • ENS planned budget for the 2021 year
  • Opening of 6 teacher-researcher positions
  • Report on ENS entrance contest 2020 (+ statistics)
  • Work on the "Social Diversity" plan, how is it related to the LPR and discussion with the ministry
  • Quotas on "CDSN" (PhD contracts reserved to ENS students)
  • LPR discussion requested by the elected members of the "Conseil Scientifique"

This is not an official report of the "Conseil Scientifique".

A big thanks to Lucas Gierczak, elected student of the "Conseil scientifique", to have produced this report.