Practical informations - Frequently Asked Questions

The questions you frequently ask yourself about practical issues in the dormitories or more generally in the ENS, and which we can address (or not).

Lots of administrative informations about ENS are on the intranet, and the student's wiki is another very broad source of informations, although bith are only in French so far.

The manual for community life in the dormitories can also be found here, together with the KDE page (IT tools)

DG presentation from the beginning of the year can also be found here (in French only).

Practical informations

Here you will find everything you need to know in order to live and study at the ENS. 

The information found here concerns everyone at the ENS. For information about ENS lodgings or dormitories specifically, please consult the section entitled 'Living in the dormitories / Vivre à l'internat' 

Living in the dormitories

Here you will find informations to rooms, how to live there, how to use kitchen and common spaces. For a more general overview of the boarding schools, do not hesitate to visit our presentation page!

For informations on how to get a thurne, see the "Thurnage" section ; for general informations relevent for anyone at ENS, see "Practical Informations" section.