Updated on 30 September 2019

The Délégation Générale

The Délégation générale is a group of 4 elected student, established by the school (the Ecole Normale Supérieure) internal rules. This group of students deals with all the apsect of the material and collective life of the ENS's students.

It deals specifically with:

  • The managment and the organisation of the student life. The DG is responsible for the attribution of the rooms in the boarding houses, the parking slot attribution, the repartitions of the hallways boards, the organisation of school representative's elections, etc...
  • Mediations : the DG is a priviledged intermediary between the school's different administratives services and the students, for all matters concerning the material and collective life of the students. It communicates their needs and wishes to them, and conversely, provides the students with the informations that the school's administration provides.

The Délégation's members are called "dégés", and are elected at the start of every schoolyear, in november.

A brief presentation of our activities is done at the beginning of the year : slides