Practical informations

Here you will find everything you need to know in order to live and study at the ENS. 

The information found here concerns everyone at the ENS. For information about ENS lodgings or dormitories specifically, please consult the section entitled 'Living in the dormitories / Vivre à l'internat' 

Updated on 29 September 2020

Emergencies, technical problems, renovations

Who should I contact in case of emergency ?

Contact the security reception from any landline phone on ENS premises by dialling 44 44.

The security lodge, from your cellphone :

  • Ulm :
  • Jourdan :
  • Montrouge :

If you need to contact students representative, cellphone numbers of COF/BDS/DG (events association/sports association/us) are available on the yearbook.

Contacts in case of damage to premises, technical problems or repairs

For any problem in your room (or common spaces such as kitchens) and needing a technical intervention, you can report it to travaux, who will take care of it, usually quite quickly. If they do not come quickly, do not hesitate to send them another email. 

In the email object, explicit already clearly the problem, and in the text do not forget your room number. Send copy to

As for immediate intervention requests (sudden lack of electricity, serious water leak, lack of heating...), there is a document on the Intranet, where the relevant phone numbers can be found.

Contacts relative to demands for new material, or to invasions of household pests or parasitic insects

For any problem without technical intervention, notably furniture (bed, chair, etc) or pest, you can report it to .

It should be noticed that Logistique will not remove the bed from your room if you want to put a new one in and do not loan extra mattress.

In the email object, explicit already clearly the problem, and in the text do not forget your room number. Send copy to

Updated on 5 May 2019

Health issue

How do I get to the ENS Health center ?

The ENS Health center is open from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm, and is located at 1st level at the end of the Rataud building. You can also contact them by email :

Their intranet webpage contents lots of informations about it, inclunding other health centers nearby.

Where can I find hygiene product on ENS campus ?

In the K-Fêt, you can find sanitary towels and condoms for free. Do not hesitate to ask for it to K-Fêt ! The Pole Sante also gives for free sanitory towels, moon cups, and condoms.

Où sont les centres de santé proches ?

In addition to the other health centers proposed on the intranet webpage, you can got to a family planning in the 5th arrondissement, or to a university health center.

Updated on 22 April 2019

Trunk rooms

Where are the trunk rooms ?

On Ulm campus, the trunk room is located since 2018 at the 2nd level underground, in the "Annexe" building, 44 rue d'Ulm

On Jourdan, all are closed because of works in the Hypnos 2 building.

On Montrouge, there are 5 trunk rooms, at the place of some thurnes : MA1713, MB303,MB503, MC303, MC503

How to access the trunk room

Fill out the form on degette.

Your name will be given to the concerned lodge and you can then exchange your ENS card against the key. Allow one or two working day to have it, as it is produced manually by us, dégés (then be careful in July-August). At last access is granted for 2 weeks maximum.

What can I store in the trunk rooms ?

Everything you want, provided it is in a metallic trunk (and allowed by the French law : sorry, radioactive experiments would have to be stored elsewhere).

Trunks MUST BE LABELLED, on several faces, with readable writing, if possible also inside the trunk. Should be written :

  • First name, Surname
  • Promotion (Dept, year)
  • Deposit AND Withdrawal dates
  • Mail (clipper or not, but a one you look often at)
  • Cellphone number

Label templates are available here in French or English.

It is in your interest to put reliable contact mail and number, which you will conserve. For trunks forgotten after years, cellphone number is then somtimes quite useful.

DG can loan you a metallic trunk.

Deposit of packaged mattress, furniture (in one unit), oven, fridge is allowed during the summer holidays. An intership abroad starting in February with a return in September can be tolerated, but in any case ask us first.

For how long can I store things there ?

Belongings stored in trunk room can be there for one year maximum, but renewable. You can then extend the withdrawal date on degette AND on your trunk.

WARNING : only the withdrawal date on the trunk worths, and if one year after the withdrawal date you trunk and belongings are still there, DG can legally take it.

Can I store several trunks ? Can I borrow several truks to DG ?

If you have several trunks, so far we did not have to reject someone because it had too many trunks. Nonetheless, trunk rooms can not host an entire castle.

If you need to borrow trunk to DG, the rule is usually only one per person, but you can ask for a second one if we have too many of them.

Updated on 4 May 2019

Computer ressources

Where can I print something ?

In Ulm, the Info room, located between the COF's Burô and the DGroom is open at any time and provides several computers, a scanner and a printer. Alternatively you can print in IT rooms Inof 3 & 4 at 2nd level underground in NIR building.

In Montrouge campus, computer room is on the C7 floor.

In Jourdan, there is a computer room at first floor of the Hypnos 1 building

In any case you will have to bring your own paper, even if some draft paper is often available.

What is a clipper ? How to have one ?

The clipper identifier allow access to a clipper account on the SPI's eleves server. It gives access to a mail account, and connection to all students websites, including the degette interface on

It is different from GPS identifiers, used for any other services in th administration (GPS, intranet, wifiens)

By definition,  a clipper account corresponds to an ENS student, which means inscription to DENS (clipper account is still active in gapyear/CST). It then worths for "normalien élèves" and "normaliens étudiants", International Selection students, but a priori not for master student (i.e. not enlisted to DENS). However a clipper account can be requested to the SPI.

Corollar : any DG procedure through degette request a clipper, notably access to trunk room. However for a Partial Turnover, DG can inscribe and get a thurne to someone manually without clipper.

WARNING : a clipper account becomes inactive 1 year after the end of your last scolarity year. Beware then if you take a gapyear after your scolarity leaving something in trunk rooms of you want to recover it.

Where can I find student websites dand tools ?

The welcome page of the eleves server (quite oldschool) lists all students websites, notably :

Although quite old, tuteurs website also explain lots of things about computer ressources.

How to connect to WiFi at ENS ?

To connect to wifiens, the password is "first name + surname" of the inventor of rabies vaccin, famous but hated former ENS director, in lowercase with space. You will then have to open the connexion page if it does not open automatically, and fill in your GPS login and password (GPS, not the clipper ones)

To connect to eduroam, just follow instructions on tuteurs website.

Updated on 10 May 2019

Working spaces

How to book a classroom ?

On the welcome page of the eleves server, there is a link to the classroom booking website, on which there are the timetable occupancy for any classroom in ENS.

To book a room you only have to contact its owner (indicated at the beginning in "Liste des salles et gestionniares"), which can be the school administration or a department, and justifying why you need it (club, association, wokrshop, etc.). Some departments allow only their own students to book their rooms, notably DMA and Biology.

How to find working spaces (without reservation ?)

Available spaces is an issue at 45 rue d'Ulm, and this section lists working spaces that may be available without reservation. In any case, look on the reservation webasite first to check if there are no course at this time.

  • ECLA rooms are often available when there are no courses.
  • The "Yellow" corridor, now working spaces, is always open, even at night, although theorically only for humanities students.
  • DMA rooms (2nd level underground in the Rataud building, "Red" corridor but not to be confused with the "Red" dormitories corridor) are open very often really late.
  • At 24 rue Lhomond, classrooms of Geosciences and Physics at the 4th floor (E350 and L357 to 384) are open as long as the building is open, from 8am to 7pm. It should be noticed that only students from Geosciences, Physics and Chemistry can access this building, but the lodge is there to open if needed.

Updated on 16 June 2019

Carpark accesses

How to have temporary access to rue d'Ulm carpark ?

To occasionally access to 46 rue d'Ulm carpark, you only need to contact the DG to have an access card against a security deposit (20€ in cheque or cash, or identity card). It is granted for 8 days non renewable. Badge it at the entrance of the ramp, the badger down to the carpark door works only for pedestrian.

For longer periods, or to access regularly to Ulm carpark, you need to fill an online form on degette (in French so far), print it and send it back with requested pieces, notably insuranc certificate. Your ENS card will be granted carpark access in the following working days.

In any case read appendix about carpark rules.

How to access Montrouge carpark ?

As for Montrouge, good old times when you would open the gate with a simple credit card, and when you could directly have access on campus are unfortunately over.

Nowadays, you have to send an e-mail to 24h to 48h before the wanted acess (24h to 48h before the week-end), with name, phone number, motive, and car registration number. Once you have the authorization, you can exchange the access card against an ID at the security office.

For tower L carpark and gate, ask the security office (works only if you are indeed lodged in tower L)

How to access to 45 rue d'Ulm with a car ?

To move out for example, it is possible to get your car into 45 rue d'Ulm notifying Security service at least one working day in advance per email at with name, phone number, motive, and car registration number.

You can stay for one hour maximum.

How to access to Jourdan with a car ?

Jourdan carpark is reserved to people working there, nonetheless to move in or out it is possible to briefly get in through the firemen access at 46 boulevard Jourdan.

Notify Jourdan security service at least one working day in advance per email at with name, phone number of the driver, motive, car registration number, and date and hour.

Updated on 5 September 2019

Speech freedom spaces at ENS

How to discuss between people at ENS ? For an associative project for example ?

Merle is a message app hosted on the eleves server. It is a Mattermost instance allowing you to create teams then specific channels to discuss projects and that any person with a clipper can join.

There are also possities of private messages, private channels, external account, and personnalisation. Moreover everything is hosted in the school, you are not giving your data to Web giants !

Where can I display openly ? For a club ?

In Ulm, the DG grants each year display boards for clubs requesting it and obtaining more than 24.3 electronic signatures from currents students. Mainly located between the memorial and K-Fêt stairs, clubs are free to display there whatever they want, provided the corresponding rules are respected.

A "Dazibao" board is reserved for open display to anyone, next to the DG board.

Open display boards - ruled by the administration - are also available in Aqua and in most stairs.

In Jourdan, a display board reserved for ENS students is available in the entry hall.

What are the ENS groups on social networks ?

On Facebook, various pages enable you to follow the campus life :

  • ENS Ulm en scolarité [avec modération] to discuss various subjects related to current school issues, frequently asked question, lost clothes, big parties events. Moderation is done by the DG.
  • ENS Ulm Intergénerationnel is a group where you will find lots of alumni and former ENS students. Issues are related to the normalian community apart from school subjects. It is typically there that you can find information for internships, alumni networks, teaching proposals, etc. Moderation is done by the COF, but other moderators are needed, don't hesitate !
  • Ulmobilier is a group dedicated to housing issues and ads : renting, sub-renting, furniture or fridge. Said short an ENS Craiglist.
  • La page de la DG display lots of up-to-date informations about campus life. You can also contact us there via Messenger.

Can I openly display posters in the school ? In the dormitories ? On my room door ?

You are theorically not allowed to display anywhere in the school (directly on the walls for example), but in the facts everybody does it, notably for seminar announces. But then don't be surprised if your poster is removed.

Same in the dormitories, theorically even on your room door a poster can be removed.