Updated on 26 April 2018

You, dégé·e·s

How can I contact you ?

Our contact information is on this page.

How to make the dégé·e·s angry ?

That's rather easy, but don't worry, we are very patient, except for subletting. If you really want us to show you our evil side, you can try :

  • cheating at a thurnage;
  • explaining to us that your case is much more important and has a higher priority than your neighbour's, and that we need to deal with it immediately;
  • try not to go through us to get something that only we are supposed to give out (e.g. rooms, parking cards, lockers keys...);
  • subletting your room;
  • exchanging your room without telling us;
  • asking a dégé·e for anything and, if his/her answer has not been wished for, asking another dégé for the same thing;
  • asking us questions that are answered on this website. 

How to be nice to you ?

  • Read this website before asking us questions;
  • Say nice stuff about the DG, dégé·e·s and this website;
  • Write lisibly on all written forms;
  • Bring us pancakes. We love pancakes.

I, too, would like to become a dégé, can I ?

If you too dream of being tall, handsome and strong, you can run for the DG elections. They take place twice a year, in October and March, and any student of the ENS who is still at school can stand for election (i.e. an élève, an international student, or an étudiant·e* who has not finished her/his studies at the ENS). If you are tempted, do not hesitate to contact us to know more about the work involved!

*An étudiant·e at the ENS is anyone who is allowed to register for the DENS. This does not apply to people who are simply enrolling for a master's degree at the ENS.

Updated on 2 November 2016

What we can do for you (among others things)

How do I get a locker in the locker room at Ulm?

This is possible, if there are still some available, and if you want to store some things in them. The easiest way to do this is to apply for a locker on degette. If your request is accepted, you will be contacted to collect your key. If there are no more lockers available, you will be sent an email to let you know. As a general rule, it is better to hurry at the beginning of the year, because they are all quickly occupied.

Too many keys are lost. But, like, way too many. When you' re given a key, be nice and give it back on time. A lost key means a new lock, and that costs money. Often yours.

You can also consult the annex to the rules concerning lockers.

How do I get a parking space?

The DG can provide temporary or permanent parking access to the car park at 46 rue d'Ulm. All details are explained in the Practical informations section.

For this purpose you can also read the annex to the parking regulations.

The DG only deals with the car park at 46 rue d'Ulm (basement of the Annexe). For Montrouge, you have to contact the security to obtain the procedure to follow (securite [dot] monrouge [arobase] ens [dot] fr) (the good old days when you could simply arrive and exchange your ENS card for a parking card are over).

How to get a billboard for my club ?

How can I store stuff (for a long time) at the ENS ?

There are trunk rooms on all the school's campuses. At Ulm, they are in the second basement of the Annexe, at Montrouge they are on each odd floor near the kitchen and at Jourdan in the basement of the Hypnos buildings.

To get the key, you just have to make a request for access on degette, then go and get it at the lodge of the appropriate campus. An ENS card will be requested in exchange for this key.

Only properly labelled metal trunks are allowed. Other forms of storage and trunks not in order may be removed by the DG at any time. This is specified in the annex for the trunk rooms rules for the use of the trunk rooms.


To make it easier to move things around the trunk room (to empty it, to tidy it up or to look for other things) the items stored must be :

  • large, to store everything together and not have fifteen bags scattered around
  • solid (hence the metal), because they will be moved around
  • well labelled, don't hesitate to put a label on each side
  • that it can be stored well and therefore easily stacked (and for this a solid parallelepiped shape is ideal)

Updated on 5 November 2016

ENS dormitories

How are the rooms in Ulm ?

Rooms of the Carré are big and rather beautiful, some have even mezzanines. As lots of people enjoy these rooms, you have to use two or, most of the times three jokers to live in there.

There is a very pleasant view for half of them, whose windows open on the Courô ; though, there are rather noisy, especially in spring, when the people often end their night party outside. K-Fêt music is to be heard on C stairways : don't ask a room there if you can't stand noise !

The other rooms in Ulm (Rataud, Erasme, Annexe and NIR) are smaller but still nice (for most of them). Most of the time, they are attributed for first year students and PE (international students which are not SI).

Rataud and Erasme are both located in the historical building and have been recently renovated. The ambiance in there is rather good, as people most of the time now their rooms neighbour and meet in the very nice kitchen.

The ambiance is very nice in the Annexe too ; the major problem of this building is that sound-insulation... well, there is no sound-insulation. An interesting thing to know is that it is the only ENS building in Ulm street in which you cannot enter if you do not have an ENS card.

Sound-insulation is quite efficient in the NIR but this batiment has some thermic insulation problems since it was built. The ambiance is much quieter than in other corridors, which is not that bad when you are supposed to work on your exams. The kitchen are quite big too.

What about Jourdan ?

Equipped with a classroom building and brand new dormitories, Jourdan houses the social sciences (economics, sociology, geography...). The rooms are therefore mainly occupied by PE students and people taking courses on the campus, but also by people attracted by the green setting (and the Montsouris park just next door).

What about Montrouge (towers A-B-C) ?

The rooms at Montrouge are slightly larger than the first-year students' rooms at Ulm, with a shower in the room. The towers are organised in floors of 15 and 16 rooms, with a trunk room on the odd floors, and a kitchen on each floor. The atmosphere is generally very friendly, as the floors are formed by groups of friends. In general, the lower floors are the quietest; the party people are at the top of the towers.

What about Montrouge apartments ?

Available since 2017 only, a number of studios F1 to F4 are available in Montrouge's L tower. Their number varies at each TG but all have living rooms, kitchen, shower-toilet and a variable number of bedrooms (consult the plans for a better view).

Their particularity is that they are rented on a yearly basis (from 1st September to 31st August with annual leases). Prices are fixed by a CA decision, the last one being here.

What about CROUS studios ?

They are reserved for international students, in particular International Selection students, and are located in the Tombe Issoire and Daviel residences, the rents are a little higher than the fees at the dormitories, but they have a kitchen and an individual bathroom.