Living in the dormitories

Here you will find informations to rooms, how to live there, how to use kitchen and common spaces. For a more general overview of the boarding schools, do not hesitate to visit our presentation page!

For informations on how to get a thurne, see the "Thurnage" section ; for general informations relevent for anyone at ENS, see "Practical Informations" section.

Updated on 8 September 2020


Why am I paying a "redevance", and not a loan? Why isn't there any contract?

A little bit of law is necessary to understand. Amongst the things which a public person can own, like the ENS dorms, which by the way are owned by the State (like the entirety of the Ulm, Jourdan and Montrouge campuses), the French law distinguishes a private domain and a public domain. The private one concerns the goods that are placed under the same rules that the ones you or your parents own (your summer house in the countryside, your flat etc.). The public domain are the goods, which have a very privileged status and cannot be loaned (because a private loan forces necessarily the owner to guarantee a certain number of things). This is why the ENS only authorizes us to occupy the public domain. Thus, there is no contract, there is no rent, but there's and authorization to occupy the public domain and a "redevance".

How mush does a room at ENS cost ?

Any thurne in ENS - whatever the campus - costs 315€/month

Only apartments (Montrouge tower L and sometimes few rooms in Ulm cost a fee depending on the surface, which is fixed by the CA :

Is the fee deduced per month ?

No ! The fee is calculated on a PER DAY basis. You only pay for the occupied days, which means between when you take the keys and when you get it back (not forgetting a 2-weeks notice).

Do not forget that apartments have a one-year lease.

What is this fee paid after I left ? When is the fee charged ?

The fee is paid at the beginning of each month (usually the 5th) for occupied days of the month BEFORE.

Then if you leave your room the 16th of June, you will have to pay a ~260€ fee on the 5th of July for the 16 occupied days of June.

Who should I ask for a statement of my staying?

The Pôle hébergement is competent for this kind of things. You can contact them at

Updated on 8 September 2020

My room

How to get my keys ?

We do not give the keys by yourself. To get the keys of the room you just obtained at a thurnage or give them back once you are leaving,  please go to the watchman's lodge of your internship campus (Montrouge or Jourdan). For Ulm campus, keys are to be taken and returned  at the "pôle hébergement" when it's opened. If you cannot be there on time, please ask someone else to get your keys and send a mail at hebergement[at]ens[point]fr to give hebergement its identity. If you have two keys, please do not forget to give back both of them !

Beware : after a "thurnage partiel", keys should necessarily be returned at the lodge of the campus before being given to an other student...

For the start of the 2021-2022 school year, the keys can be picked up:

  • For first year students: between September 1st and 3rd, by appointment (see the back-to-school emails you normally receive)
  • For the 2A+ : from September 1st, without appointment

In case of a justified need to have access to your room one or two days earlier (for example, if your classes start on August 31), you can ask to get your keys earlier from the accommodation center.

How to give my room back (leaving the internship) ?

If you want to leave, please fill the degetteweb form; this will be automatically transferred to pôle hebergement and DG.

You can leave at any moment. You juste have to tell pôle hébergement and the DG at least one month before. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT, because if we are informed too late, we won't be able to give your room to someone else at the next TP.

Then, you juste have to give back your key(s) to the lodge of the campus or pôle hébergement.

How to obtain a second key for my room ?

Please fill this form.

We will then put a stamped paper in your mailbox ; just take it to pôle hébergement of to the lodge of your campus to get your second key.

If you need an ENS card for the person who is currently living WITH YOU in your room (please note that subletting is strictly forbidden), you have to give a picture and bring the right part of the stamped form to cards office.

Where can I find a cleaner ?

The COF can loan you a cleaner if you leave your COF membership card as a caution. All cleaners are not brand-new, and you will have to wait for opening hours to borrow one.

Alternatively, the Housing service (pôle Hébergement) is open during the day (10h-12h then 14h-16h) and has also one available.

Where to find room plans ?

Plans for each floor are available on degette.

Or you can access architect plans here.

What to do in case of problemes/works to be done/emergency ?

Everything is explained in the Practical informations sections. Travaux ( can notably help you in case of clocked sunk, broken furniture, but also light bulbs.

How to have car access to move out ?

Everything is reminded in Practical informations sections.

How to exchange your thurne with another roommate ?

At a partial turnover, usually at the end of each month, you can come and see the DG to exchange your thurne with someone else. Thurnes exchanges are describded in Article 44 of the Thurnage Appendix.

It should be noted that DG or the assembly can estimate the rooms as non-equivalent and ask them to be played at the Partial Tunrover. An exchange Carré/not Carré or intercampus may then be blocked.

Room exchanges without notifications to the DG are strictly prohibited, and could lead you to the cheaters category  (and eternal damnation).

Are the dormitories open during the summer ?

No ; the dorms are closed during the summer. This year, the dorms are closing the 18th of July 2021.

However, some exceptions exists :

  • The flats in Montrouge (tower L) stay open all summer
  • The rooms in Cachan are open until the 31st of August

Moreover, some dorms are open a bit longer during the summer (typically up to the beginning of August), for those who have an internship in Paris. If you are in that case and need a room after the 18th of July, please send an email to the DG.

Updated on 29 April 2019

Live in a common space

What to do if neighbours are very noisy ?

Like in any shared place, living in dormitories you would sometimes have to put up with your neighbour's life, who can be noisy. As the building is shared, you should from time to time be more tolerant than usual.

However, if some neighbours make really too much noise, you should solve this problem with them directly : speak to them, show them they annoy other people. Talk about this in the kitchen, with other neightbours : if a room is oftem too noisy, you are likely not the only one to hear them, and with several people it would be more efficient to ask for less noise.

If everything failed, DG can be contacted to ask some people to reduce noise. But DG could not interfere in any case as far as people did not try to solve the problem first between them.

How to share common spaces ?

Pour vivre en internat, il ne faut certes pas être trop agoraphobe et savoir parfois supporter ses voisins. Pourtant c'est aussi une expérience très enrichissante, et pour cela un minimum de partage de l'espace rend la vie beaucoup plus facile (voire plus économique, ce qui à Paris est appréciable)

En cuisine il faudra partager les tâches : vaisselle, tri, poubelle, mais aussi cuisine : cuisiner pour plusieurs prend beaucoup moins de temps et d'argent. Ainsi mettre en commun de la vaisselle, des produits de première nécessité sera assez utile. Faire un planning de qui fait quoi, afin que ce ne soit pas tout le temps les mêmes qui fassent tout.

Le plus important restera de prendre conscience des contraintes des autres : ainsi une vaisselle qui vous paraît propre ne l'est pas forcément pour d'autres, un aliment qui vous parait comestible et que vous laissez en open peut être considéré comme un détritus...

Enfin le frigo est à partager, et sa place est limitée. Attention à ne pas cuisiner trop de choses devant rester au frais, à étiqueter ses aliments, et surtout bien veiller à ne pas prendre ceux des autres.

Updated on 29 April 2019


Who's in charge of the bins ?

You are in charge of your own bin (and please take it outside, for example in the Cour Pasteur if you live in Ulm, not just to your kitchen !)

Cleaning people are just in charge of the kitchen bins.

Who's in charge of washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen ?


Cleaning people are actually in charge to regularly clean floor, table, and heating plates (because they also have a lot to do elsewhere, notably in the toilets), but their efficiency greatly depend on the space available in the kitchen. Do not forget to clean out the table in the evening to enable cleaning the day after.

Who's in charge of sorting out trash ?

Entirely you

Recycling rules are detailled in the manual for community life in the dormitories, and in the posters.

Updated on 25 January 2021


Is there WiFi in the dormitories ?

Generally speaking no, or you'll have to buy your own box

However some dormitories placed above classrooms/libraries (Rataud/Erasme/Carré) can have WiFi through eduroam or wifiens.

A reminder to know how to access eduroam and wifiens.

How to connect my computer through Ethernet cable ?

In each room there are 2 RJ45 plugs (on which usually only one works) to connect your computer through cable. You will have to register it with its MAC address, and send it in an email at rezo.

In the same way DG got younger with its degette interface to do few things online, you can now register your computer online via rezoweb. It sould be noted that no more than 3 computers can be registered per room.

The classical way is still  to get your machine register at the Centre des Ressources Informatiques (behind security lodge in Ulm) when they are open with your MAC address. This method was useful when the RJ45 cable was provided, which is not the case since 2017.

Last but not least, historically internet cables where manually put by the students of Rezo club in the 80's (like the mezza)

Internet is broken !

If you are having problems connecting to the Internet, there are usually two scenarios:

  • Rezoweb tells you that it cannot find your thurne, so you should email the Accommodation Centre to ask if your return has been registered with the CRI.
  • Rezoweb tells you that it has your thurne but you do not have Internet, check that the MAC addresses of your machines are present, when you temporarily left, these were lost, so you will have to start the procedure you followed at the beginning of the year again.

Please note that once you have registered with the CRI, you will still have to re-import your MAC addresses as mentioned in the second point.

If, despite these operations, you still lack an Internet connection, you can reach out to the IRC's assistance by email (, mentioning that these steps have already been carried out and include as much information as possible (screenshots for example).

Updated on 29 April 2019


Can I ask for a 2nd matress ?

Since 2014, due to the number of unfounded requests which leaded to a lack of mattress for first year students and thumbthack proliferation, pôle hébergement and logistique decided not to give a second mattress anymore.

Can I ask the bedbase to be removed ?

Since 2017, the administration does not accept anymore to remove the bedbase, because of the lack of storage places and because too many people asked for it, which greatly increased employees task.

Updated on 25 January 2021


Where are the laundry rooms ?

  • On Ulm campus, a paid laundry is available at first level underground in stairs B (leading to the sport room).
  • On Montrouge campus, a paid laundry is available in Tower L.
  • On Jourdan campus, as works in Hypnos 2 are in progress, the washing machines of the ground and first floors in Hypnos 1 will soon be disconnected and replaced by a paid laundry in Hypnos 2.

How much does it cost ?

On Ulm and Montrouge campus, on professional machines, it's 3€, and 0€50 for 15 minutes drying. By card or coins.

In Jourdan, it's free (not for long, though) but up to you to maintain the machines.

In any case washing powder is not furnished.